Silver Fish With Forked Tail

This next fish was caught in the Arabian Gulf just off the coast of Saudi Arabia... Does anyone know what species this is?


  1. It's a Hildakeeter, named after the intrepid South African angler, Hilda Keet, she and her husband Ken, are well known for trawling the Persian Gulf in an attempt to beat there arch fishing enemy, John Webster's previous colossal catches in the gulf. If you cook this fish in tinfoil with lemon butter, It's soooo tough to eat.

  2. Anybody know any other names for this type of fish?... and you are so right... very tough to eat indeed.

    (Class) : Actinopterygii
    (Order) : Perciformes
    (Species) : Scomberoides commersonianus
    (Name Local) : داغی
    (Food) :
    (Biogeography):Persian Gulf,Oman Sea, Indo West Pacific
    Five or six large spots on sides, which may fade completely after death; scales oval-shaped; gill rakers on lower limb of first arch 8 t0 12; Maximum size: 130 cm TL
    من خمس الي ست بقع کب یرة علي الجوانب، يمکن أأن تبهت ک ية بعد الموت، القشور ب يضا وية الشکل، ا أ لس نان الخ ي شوم ية علي الحافة
    التفلي للقوس الخ ي شومي الاول من 02 -0 . أأقصي حجم: 001 سم للطول الکلي.