Yellow And Black Fish - Unidentified

Our next unidentified fish comes to us all the way from Japan. Please take a careful look at the photos and try and let us know what species this is in the comments below... "I found a few of these gobies, or blennies, or jawfish in the tidepools of northern Japan. I am not sure what kind of fish it is, but I would like to find out what it is, how big they get, what it eats, and what ever kind of things might be known about it. The ones pictured are about 3/4 of an inch to one inch long. I believe I have seen them about four to six inches in length."

Unidentified Large Winged Fish

Our next unidentifiable fish is a strange one indeed. It looks to be some sort of Flying Fish, but none of us know the species...

"hey my friends sent me a pic of a fish and im just curious as too its name and abilities. she already sent it alive to her local college biologist and thats as far as i heard. its just weird looking and i cant find nothing on it . maybe u can shed some light on it."Can you identify this fish?

UPDATE: This fish has been identified as a species of Gurnard fish, for more info click here!  Still not sure the exact species of this fish!  Please keep trying

Brown Tiny Fish With Wings

Our first fish comes to us from someone in Louisiana...

I recently went crabbing along the Gulf Coast and while we were there we saw this funny looking little fish just laying there on the bank. I have asked all I know about it and people that live around here don't have a clue. I was wondering if you knew what it is. It would take me forever to go through the list considering I don't even know where to start.

Any info about it or if you could give me an idea where to start searching, any help will be appreciated.Can you name this fish?

Update: This fish appears to be a species of Gurnard fish, still not sure which one though?  Please help!

Do You Have A Fish You Need To Identify?

Have you ever caught a fish and said to yourself, I have no idea what kinds of fish this is. If so you can have it posted here and let our experts identify the fish species for you. Just send us an e-mail with one of more pictures of the fish in question.

You can also check The Fish Index which has hundreds of different species of fish with pictures, videos and characteristics. If you think you are an fish expert take a look at our site and see if you can identify these fish!