Unidentified Fish From Vietnam

I actually live in the UK but my parents live in Vietnam and my Mum sent me the attached picture today. They live in Hanoi in the north of the country, around the region of West Lake. They found it when taking the dog for a walk on a dried riverbed near their house. It's seasonally dry though so will be wet again whenever.

I'm no fish expert but am a huge fan of all wildlife and avid nature enthusiast... but I've never seen anything looking so like a dinosaur with the wide fan-like skull and the spines up the back, also are they bone spines under its chin? It's backward teeth look pretty mean too!
Do you know what type of fish this is? 

Fish With Yellow Wings

This next fish was spotted in Lembeh, Manado, Indonesia. As you can see it has yellow wings much like that of a Gurnard with the legs of a spiny devilfish.   Do you know what it is?

Colorful Fish With Horizontal Stripes

The next fish was caught in a creek in BC Canada. Every pet store here is stumped and the fish is gorgeous. There are many in a school I'm thinking it may be a invasion of a foreign species. Does anyone know the name of this fish?

Bluefish Or False Albacore

The next fish was caught in Montauk Long Island New York, United States.  Does anyone know which species this is?

Silver Fish With Forked Tail

This next fish was caught in the Arabian Gulf just off the coast of Saudi Arabia... Does anyone know what species this is?

Brown Fish With Black Spots

Can anyone identify this fish? 

Pink Fish With Blue Stripes On Face

This next fish comes several miles off the coast of North Carolina... It is 7-8" long.  Anyone have any idea what it is? 

UPDATE:  This fish had been identified as the Pearly Razorfish (Xyrichtys novacula), for more info and pics click here